At Inner Sanctum Ltd, we look at each project individually and work with the people in charge to decide on the best solution for a particular situation. We do not confine ourselves to only one style of application or technique as we always want to give our clients options to meet their varying needs. We utilize sheet to liquid membrane roofing for decks and other roof repairs. We also handle underground waterproofing and installation of torch on membranes and bentonite products. Inner Sactum is also able to waterproof internal wet areas.

waterproofing Waterproofing

We handle various waterproofing jobs – from bathrooms to underground areas. We make use of various products too – liquid membranes, sheet membranes, torch on membranes, bentonite, etc. Our specialist waterproofing product is WetSuit. Wetsuit is directly applied over the existing roof without the expense or removal of the existing membrane or substrate.


crack-repairConcrete crack repair

We handle crack repair in concrete walls, ring foundations and floors with the use of resin that can withstand wet or dry conditions.



building-maintenancebuilding maintenance

We have our own staff and contractors that specialize in all areas that are needed in maintaining a building. We can assure our clients that our team is experienced and knowledgeable about the building industry.


carbon-fibreCarbon Fibre

We make use of this lightweight yet strong type of fibre on a wide range of applications.





We are approved applicators of Ardex NZ Ltd and Viking Roofspec products. Inner Sanctum is the exclusive applicator for WetSuit seamless membrane.




We handle application of products on tanking systems to ensure that they are stable and able to resist water pressure build up.


We are qualified in the application of most waterproofing products and as such can adjust our processes to meet the requirements of any project. This also allows us to guarantee the workmanship of any jobs completed by Inner Sanctum.